Deep in the forest there lives the world's greatest and most beautiful secret. Known only to a few initiates, the people of Orenda continue the ancient ways of magic from mankind's lost past. But even the wildest places are under threat, and this ancient people, who know nothing of the modern world, are discovered—and become a sensation. Must their magic die, absorbed in the hectic modern world? Lawyer Mary Russell says no. Chief Charles Hay says no. Worldwalker Jim Hyam says no. But the world says yes. And the world comes, in planes, in SUVs, in off-road vehicles, with cameras, forms to fill out, laws to follow and guns to make sure. Who will win, the power of the modern world, or Orenda's fragile magic?

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Whitley Strieber is the author of many books, including the Communion series about his visitor encounters. These books include Communion, Transformation, Breakthrough, the Secret School, Confirmation and Solving the Communion Enigma. His upcoming novel, the Alien Hunter, will be published in January both as a hardcover and an ebook.